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All the power of a WordPress website without any of the overwhelm.  Check out how easy it is to use. The Divi drag & drop framework lets you do everything you need to do in a snap.

rent-to-own your website

Not ready to invest a ton of time, energy and money into a customized website for your organization? No problem. We offer a number of rental and website rent-to-own and site lease options that will get you exactly what you need right now at a price that’s within your budget. As you grow, we’ll be standing by ready to expand your online presence to match.

An easy-to-use, custom branded website you can call your own

All ongoing maintenance, support, backups and fixes included

Local trainings, workshops and a community to lend an ear

Benefits to wordpress website rental

Why Rent instead of buy?

Low Risk

Not everyone wants to or is ready to buy a house. Home ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities. Some individuals like to rent because they decorate their space, move their things and have everything else taken care of.  It’s the same way with renting (or rent-to-own) your website. We build the site to suit you, we help you move in, then we cut the grass, trim the hedges, fix what’s broken and add on when you grow. All with a standard monthly cost you can budget for and afford.

low cost

A ton of knowledge and expertise goes into building and maintaining a website. Why spend your valuable time wading through ever-changing technology that’s difficult to understand. That means you’re not with your clients generating revenue. We know what we’re doing, we do it efficiently and inexpensively and our monthly plans are affordably priced so you don’t have to restrict your cash flow to come up with a large sum just to get a beautifully branded website that works.

Low Stress

Our customers love us. We aren’t here to just do a job or complete a task, we are invested in supporting you in achieving your mission and reach your goals. We’re in this together. So, if you want to see our faces or have us see yours, we’re simply a quick visit, phone call and/or button click away. Say goodbye to overwhelm and wasted research combing the web for answers. We are there when you need us, not only to support you but to teach you all the technology you need to know to grow.

standard website rental pricing packages

what does renting cost?

discount Pricing

Not interested in paying a monthly subscription? Rather go the old-fashioned way and pay a set price for your website? No problem!  We offer all of our WordPress website builds (basic, pro or VIP/eCommerce) at rental and purchase rates, for those that can buy outright and want to save some cash. Purchasing your website as a completed “product” can also be great for those who are comfortable with coding and WordPress but simply do not have the time to put into a new website build or redesign.  We offer several different options to match your budget and build with the awesome framework we use for all of our work. You’ll get a website that’s ready to go out of the box and robust enough to support you as you grow. Pricing begins at $1199, done and delivered. Need more information about buying a website package?

the process of renting your wordpress website

how the process works


Step 1

Decide if you will rent-to-own or buy at as a packaged purchase. If you’re still not sure, you can chat with us live. Choose a plan, click “Learn More” and complete the form to let us know you’re interested. Don’t worry, at this point, you can always change your mind or your plan. Once we hear from you, we’ll get back to you right away.


Step 2

Now that you are satisfied that you have chosen the right option for your organization, you will be billed your first months fee (not a moment before.) At the same time, we will set up a face-to-face (or other, if you prefer) project kickoff meeting get started on the unique flow, outline and menu items that will be part of your website build.


Step 3

Meeting and working together on step 2 will give us both a direction on who your audience is and how you serve them. The next couple of project meetings will be to guide you on what type of content should go on your website and where it should be placed in order to best reach out and inspire your unique site visitors to take action.


Step 4

Together, we’ve now built a basic outline of your site, have a visual flow and your content is ready to go! During these project meetings, we jump into applying style to your site. We will present you with a couple design concepts that fit what your organization does. From these, you’ll choose which you like and we’ll make it pop with your brand, colors, logo and images.

Step 5

We’re almost there. Now, we that we have all the parts of the puzzle we’ve built so far; your outline, visual layout, content and design choices, we use our coding knowledge to fuse them together, lay them on top of a WordPress engine, rev it up it and turn the key.  In other words, it’s time to go live and get some training on how to run your new tool.


Step 6

Time to celebrate!  Your new website it launched and receiving visitors. This is the place when most website agencies and builders say “good to know you, and see you later.”  Not us. We’re here by your side training and supporting you on keeping your website up-to-do, how to add new features, sending you tips, visitor reports and holding your hand as you grow.

Still Not Sure?

Sometimes making decisions about technology can be overwhelming. There are so many options, so much information and opinions.  Our promise to you is that we will help you cut through the noise, understand exactly what your organization needs right now and give you the options that make the most sense for your immediate goals and budget.  Give us try and see why our WordPress services are top-rated by our loyal customers.

Website Rental F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I ever actually OWN the website you build for me?

Yes. All of our websites are offered as rent-to-own. This means that though your website build will be delivered in a matter of weeks, you agree to a monthly subscription for one year. If you decide after a year that we have not provided enough value for you to continue, we will package up the entirety of your site with all content and design included and deliver it to you as a package. No more subscription fees required. If on the other hand, you’d like to keep reciving personalized tutorials and WordPress support, your monthly subscription will be adjusted to whichever Support Plan you choose. In either case, subscription fees will reduce after 12 months.

None of the plans offered match what I'm looking for.

No problem, our lowest cost plan for a website build or redesign is our $99/month plan. However, if you’re needing something specific, already have a site that is halfway completed or any other special circumstance, we are happy to customize a plan that is specific to your needs and budget. In addition, we offer all our plans in yearly, quarterly or monthly payment options.

I already have a hosting company, can you build my site there?

We wish we could build and support our WordPress websites on as many hosts as there are. Unfortunately, because there are so many, each with so many different options, we simply can’t keep up with all the knowledge and expertise that is required to have expertise with every hosting company out there. We require our clients to use our own private hosting so that we can monitor site security, ensure regular backups, and deliver you the kind of expert support we promise to provide you.

Will I be charged any other fees besides my monthly subscription fee?

No, your monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee is all inclusive to your package deliverables.  You do have the option of upgrading or downgrading your site as each package offers more/less features. However, the subscription fee includes everything needed to operate your website at the level chosen.

i want to keep my existing platform, framework or theme.

There are so many choices in website options today. You will find site builders like WIX or Weebly, Open source platforms like WordPress or Joomla and closed CMS systems like Adobe Business Catalyst or Craft. In the past, we have tried to keep up on all of various developers, themes and frameworks that exist and support them all. We couldn’t do it. There is just too much to know.
Over time we have developed years of expertise with a core set of providers including WordPress, Elegant Themes, and to provide our clients with every solution they need and do require that our clients use our recommended providers.

How much of my time is building the website going to take?

We believe that organization leaders are the heart of every website. This does not mean that you will need to be involved in every part of the website building process if you do not want to be. We do ask that our clients provide one point of contact on their side, that can act as the decision maker throughout the build. The build process will take between 6-12 week, depending on the package and a reasonable expectation is that the assigned point of contact will spend about 3-5 hours per week including a standing project meeting throughout the building process.

Do I get a say in how my website will look?

Absolutely, the website we build for you will be completely customized to your needs, your audience, and with your brand, colors and images.  Although we have the process that delivers websites that work and have a very high satisfaction rate, we take our orders from you…the customer.

I have a question but it isn't addressed here.

No problem! We would be very happy to understand your unique situtation, hear your questions and get you any information you might need to make an informed decision for your organization.  We are here to help you suceeed. If renting a website from us is the best option for your organization, you can be assured that you will be taken care of.  If there is another solution that is better for you at this time, we promise to tell you and to make any referrals to help you along your way.

What Our customers have to say

customer testimonials

I’ve been with Daun & her team since the beginning. When I heard that I could get both support and learn how to use WordPress for a monthly fee, it was no brainer. Response times are super quick and the personal tutorials are teaching me how to do my own fixes in the future.

Libby Hugo, RDN, CDE

Owner, Libby Hugo Nutrition

The directory site Daun and her team built more than suits our needs. She’s provided great support and helped us determine where to grow next. Excellent experience all around!
Arthur Shaw

Owner, Prime Trade NW

My team and I are blown away by the quality of the website CDAWordpress put together for us. Working with them is straight forward, budget friendly, and I always have help when I need it.  Mo more hours spent searching the internet to fix something.  Score “10”.

Shaun Johnson

Owner, Lift Personal Fitness

CDAWordpress is always there when we need them providing hands-on support, training and helping us plan what technology tools are best to reach our goals.
Takali Omega

Executive Director, Kootenai Center

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Local Community Support

We are here to help you get where you are going. We’re expert WordPress developers, trainers and coaches that provide you with local and online, face-to-face learning and support that is customized to your organization needs. All included in a low monthly fee.

Money Back Guarantee

Because we are so confident that you will love our process, our community, how we work with you and the level of WordPress coaching & support we provide that we offer a you a money back guarantee. Love us, or cancel, and you’re free to go.

Give us a try

Free of Charge

If you're still hesitant or need just a little more experience with us before you're ready to buy a website, your first support ticket is on us.  We'll provide you with one website or support help item free of charge a $79 value. Simple click the button below, register for our helpdesk and we'll get started on your request.  We know you'll love us and all we ask is that you leave us a postive review in return.