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Arms Of Love

This beautiful and endearing base layout is a perfect start for any organization that works with animals. We’ve also modified it to highlight organization’s work with foster children.

we are one

We are proud of what we’ve done using our “We Are One” base. This layout can be adapted to any local community or non-profit organization that wants to reach out to their constituents, work towards securing funding, collect donations and communicate with their audience.

Coffee, Tea and we

A sophisticated and robust base layout for a local coffeeshop, cafe or tea shop. This base has also been used to grow a complete online store for the sale of craft beer and custom roasted coffee beans.


This base layout contains everything needed for a local craft, maker or artist to set up shop and get noticed.  The example we’ve shown is designed with a whimsical flair but the layout can be adjusted to match any style.

Meet Up

Networking, Meetups, Associations

A base layout designed to get your organization on the map and promoting your networking or meet-ups. We’ve chosen a light and airy look to highlight this base example but it would also look great with dark contrasts.

Lawson Legal

Lawyer, Attorney, Accounting

With a solid structure this base layout is appropriate for any organization involved with law, accounting or business services. This base includes everything needed to get your organization out there. We’ll add your branding and colors and bam! clients.

about our designs

Our base layouts were built to form the framework to all of the websites we build. This approach to building WordPress websites allows us to create beautifully styled sites that include everything our clients commonly need to do business and to reach their intented audiences. Because they all use the same technology, they also allow us to remain up-to-date on new features. However, NOTE: just because we utilize base layouts as a way to start our projects, doesn’t in any way mean that your website will not be unique to you, your brand and your way of doing business.

Our WordPress Examples and Layouts

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Don’t see what you like? Don’t worry, we have created base layouts for every type of organization and we if don’t have one for yours, we’ll build it.

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